Vines and Twigs of the Creuzer Family

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Before the storm. all ice and very
slippery. Posted by Picasa
Do think I might be able
to come in the house. I promise I will be a good
boy and not get snow on the rug, or not much... Posted by Picasa
Pretty snow. Posted by Picasa
After 2 days of snow... Posted by Picasa
I'm so quite! Posted by Picasa
Looking East. You can almost see the wind
blowing the snow across the road where the
road is still open. Posted by Picasa

Lucy looking for some animal.

 Posted by Picasa
Can you hear the pop, pop, pop of
the John Deere? She really had to
work hard. It was very heavy wet snow. Posted by Picasa
Welcome to the Creuzer winter wonderland. Posted by Picasa
We ended up getting between 8-10 inches of
snow. Really hard to measure because
the wind was blowing the whole time.
Good thing it didn't get very cold. Only21 the lowest and 32 the highest. Posted by Picasa
Dad coming home from plowing the neighbors out .. Posted by Picasa
Pushing the big stuff.....CUG,CUG,CUG Posted by Picasa