Vines and Twigs of the Creuzer Family

Sunday, November 26, 2006


The first annuel Laketown LaLa's .
Sue Mattson, Darlene, Sue Olson hugging
Katie Erickson Tolan, Donna Erickson, Donna Asper, Toby,
Patti Mattson, and Jennifer . Check out all
the empty bottles! I thought it was a brunch....No wonder everyone is smiling. Posted by Picasa

I got this squirel but now what do I do with it.
Here Mama you cook it, maybe? It smells kind of funny.
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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

OK, papa I don't think my legs are long
enough to reach that pedal. I don't think I
can even reach the sterring thing. yea you
do it. Sure makes a lot of noice! Posted by Picasa
The two green hat animals! Lucy doesn't fill her
hat up very well. Posted by Picasa

The barn, at the house I use to live in,
in Frederic. It was such a big old barn. We play hide and seek in it sometimes. Posted by Picasa