Vines and Twigs of the Creuzer Family

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Such a hot day at the Milwaukee Zoo in June.
He was a playfull guy. Is that a cig in your mouth? Posted by Picasa
Mama resting just a bit- Jennifer wears me out at
the zoo. It was very hot that dayPosted by Picasa
That cute little Juneifer looking at the bears. Posted by Picasa
the ducks in the zoo Posted by Picasa
One of the only pictures of Walter,
Lillian , Jeff, Laurie and Therese taken about 1956, together. Posted by Picasa
Cousin Robbie, Ali and Robertson Posted by Picasa
Andrea and Audrey. Those girls now live in
Charoltesville North Carolina. Andrea is going to Medical
School. Posted by Picasa
The whole family. Lauria, Dawn, Landon and
Roger in Mountain Home, Idaho. Posted by Picasa
Landon and Dad at Landon's wedding reception. Posted by Picasa
Lucy and her new John Deer hat. Posted by Picasa
The whole bunch of us at Uncle Harold's and Irenes
house in Fridely Minnesota. Dad is hiding his stomach..
I wonder why? Could it be 20 pounds
extra from no working. Posted by Picasa
Looking at old watches that were given
to us from the old relatives in South Dakota.
 Posted by Picasa
Aunties Rita and Irene. Posted by Picasa
Jeff and Laurie looking at pictures at
Uncle harold's house in Fridely.
Remember when we were doing that, down that one hill when you were 4 years old.?? Posted by Picasa

Daddy and me match

But do I have to wear it all day? Posted by Picasa
The entry way> All the boxes have to be given away.
They are just jars and vases. Most of the
cookbooks are in the house in the sewing room.
All the corners are cleaned and mopped. Posted by Picasa
I "think" this is the new kitchen. You can't
believe the counter tops. Nothing on them
at all. Threw it all away. She still has some
cleaning to do in the cabinetsPosted by Picasa

Dinning Room

Not a very good picture of the dinning room
looking towards the drivway. No books or junk.
Laurie found some old clocks upstairs and
put them on the window sill. Posted by Picasa

Is this the sewing room?

It's now the book room.The closet was even cleaned out! Laurie did such a great job. and she loved it. Posted by Picasa

Brother and Sister

Standing where the Christmas tree usually sat. all that garbage is gone now. Posted by Picasa

The living room including a differnt couch and love seat

No entertainment center- gone to Therese's apartment. Laurie took all the curtains down too- made it lighter in the whole house Posted by Picasa
the flower area and the dest that use to
be in the living room Posted by Picasa