Vines and Twigs of the Creuzer Family

Friday, March 17, 2006

Welcome to the CREUZERS

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Looking towards the East

No one coming, yet Posted by Picasa

HI! Greeting from Wisconsin

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Bruce in the Sun

Bruce the Blue Spruce was trying to warm his limbs. Posted by Picasa

No place to hide

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This is what we woke up to on Monday morning...

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I'm coming in.....

Make room for me, the little guy said I could come in and get rid of the snow....I won't make a mess. Posted by Picasa

Poor little birdie

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And the snow keeps coming!

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The plow is coming ...the plow is coming!!

BJ just loves the snow and was running all over the place. Posted by Picasa

I think I can hear the snowplow guy coming..

Posted by Picasa BJ was standing in the middle of the road. Note how high the snow is by his chest.

Does the Barn look like it's sinking....

Or maybe it's the camera. Couldn't be the picture taker. Posted by Picasa

Looking down the Gandy Dancer Trial by the Mirons

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Only a few snowmobles had been through so far.

Bruce the Blue Spruce

I could hear him screaming, the snow was so heavy on his limbs. 5 days later its' still there. Posted by Picasa

So pretty

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Oh MaMa it's a bit cold out here

Someone have a blow dryer I can use, I think my whiskers are frosty. Is anyone listening to me? Posted by Picasa

Home Sweet Home

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He's excited to be using his baby!!

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Coming round the bend

Dad was having so much fun moving the snow. He even went across the street and did the neighbors. It was a heavy wet kind. Posted by Picasa

The big guy was having fun

Can you hear the tractor working? Pop,pop,pop, going the Johnny pop. Posted by Picasa

Looking towards the East

The snow was still coming down as it had been for some 12 hours before. It was about 8 inches deep here.Only one truck had gone by in 8 hours. Posted by Picasa

St. Croix Falls Northwestern Power Dam

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This was the day after the storm across the street from the library.

Monday, March 13, 2006

Snowstorm of 2006

So we woke up to 7 inches of snow, then it really started to come down fast and furious! Neither of us had to leave home and that is good because neither could have. It snowed all day and ended up with about 12-15 inches of snow. It's hard to measure because of the wind. The temps are starting to fall now, so all this wet snow will freeze solid as a rock by morning. We haven't had a snowfall like this one in a good many years.It was fun to be home and not worry about anything except keeping warm.

I'm so cute

Did you say "TREAT"? Posted by Picasa

I'm so happy to be in the house again

Thanks Mama for letting me in the house. But that other guy is outside and he told me to tell you guys he wants some din din in the house and take a nap with me........please?? Posted by Picasa

The deck

Now their saying we might have gotten between 12-15 inches of snow but with all the trees we can't tell what we have. The scanner is saying there are trucks and cars all over in the ditches and stuck on the hills- no one is going anyway. Everyone stay home- Wal- Mart trucks are stuck someplace along highway 8, with a cop car and 7 other cars in a nest. Posted by Picasa